Do as they say. Just head up those stairs into the garden. Enough messing around.. For now.

You follow GBM up the stairs. It is a narrow staircase that wraps around to the east and then goes up for 13 z levels. At one point it passes through a cluster of pretty purple crystals. You want to engrave images of cats but you no longer have a tool and you suspect Doren would not stand for it anyways.

GBM says, "Dis is the old Cityshanks. It was sealed off for 150 years until we rediscovered it. Urist The Great's sculpture garden is our current project. King Feb doesn't like it very much but he mostly ignores us."

Doren, "The dwarves like our exotic alcohol to much to stop our operation."

The staircase ends in a narrow tunnel. Several archways are bricked off on either side. You follow the tunnel to an arcade overlooking a sculpture garden somewhere near the top of the mountain.

There are a variety of outdoor crops growing in the corners. An elf woman is busy etching a crappy drawing of an elf and cheese. Another elf is sitting with a large doggo. A dwarf paces nearby a rose-gold sculpture of a plump helmet.

As you walk down the steps into the garden the blond elf notices you. Her eyes seem to light up and she stops engraving to speak exceptionally fast.

"Oh, Doren! Who is your little friend? He is so cute! I have never met a living breathing Kobold before. Oh Nature. I am SOOOO Excited."

Doren interjects, "Aweme, please. This is my prisoner not my friend."

"Can I pet your prisoner? HE IS SO ADORABLE! LOOK AT HIS EARS! Wait. That's not very nice. You can't just make people your prisoner like that. What is going on?"

Meanwhile, GBM has approached the other strangers.

"I hef a new plan."