Okay, status check. What injuries have our allies sustained, and are any of them particularly serious?
Is hemomancy any good for healing? Staunching a wound, at the very least? Time to find out.

It looks like no one took any serious injuries. The gash on the dwarfs head is minor but bleeds quite a bit. You try slowing the bleeding with hemomancy but it has no effect.

There are five doors in total. Three of them are still closed.

Quick start flexing and strike a victory pose.

You are posing for the crowd when one of the doors opens. Standing in the tunnel are three trolls.

The front troll roars.

The trolls charge forward. The front one goes directly for the weapon rack and smashes it to pieces.

The +steel warhammer+ barely misses the dwarf.

The champion engages with one of the trolls.

He slashes it in the upper body.