You are a kea woman named Noi Dontwan Tacracker. You are a newly-minted hearthperson of the great Duto Packslides in Robustlashes, a human town. Destiny is calling! You are a worshiper of Asa Rumorbristle the Stern Silver, the human goddess of rulership, the moon, the sky, the sun, light and day.

At least proficient in crossbows and archery. At least one point in reading, and shield use. We should have below average patience and willpower, and above average intuition. This list is not exhaustive of what we should get, just the minimum I think we should get.
Put points in Crossbowman.

You are a crossbowbirb.

Because you are a novice reader you can understand dwarven runes.

You've finally got your equipment together, such as it is. Now it's time for action and adventure! In the rush of excitement, you've forgotten where you were going to go. A foolhardy soul might try to rescue the child that has been kidnapped. Perhaps some of your friends here have ideas.

The Lady Duto Lipiciro (to the law-giver Lar Itkelon):"People are basically good."
The Law-giver Lar Itkelin (to the lady Duto Lipiciro): "Ack! Nobody could possibly believe that."
The Lady Duto Lipiciro (to the law-giver Lar Itkelon): "Try to focus on the practical side of the matter."
The law-giver Lar Itkelin: "I got in an argument with Duto Lipiciro. This makes me angry."

A bard is playing an ithra. Overall the performance is inspired.

The human swordsman (to the dwarf hammerdwarf): "It is terrifying."
The dwarf hammerdwarf (to the human swordsman): "It was inevitable."

Your inventory is as follows.

What do you do?