Let him leave, he's harmless right now.

He runs off, leaving his mace. You put it in your rope reed backpack.

Regardless of next action we should head back to town ASAP. If we have enough daylight, today. If not, as soon as it is light tomorrow.

You regroup with your companions and start heading back toward town. You make it back to town safely.

You pass through the market on the way into town. The vendors shout, advertising their goods. "Cheese! Get your Cheese here!"

"Your very own real giant cave swallow bone crown. All the way from distant Cityshanks!"

"Taste our fresh prickle berries!"

You are starting to feel drowsy, very hungry, and very thirsty.

Check our map to see if Bridlecrowns is nearby.

Bridlecrowns is two days travel to the east.