Lets watch them fight then after they finish find out whats going on.
In the meantime, admire the Human architecture.

+1. This is a good time to snack on CHEESE.

The green robed human puts the red robed human in a headlock.

The red robed human bites the green robed human in the left lower arm.

The red robed human breaks free of the grapple and punches the green robed human in the face.

The green robed human strikes the red robed human in the lower body with the iron mace. The red robed human shouts in pain.

The red robed human retaliates with a left hook,

and a right thrust.

the green robed human is unconcious.

"Hey. What's going on. My name is Noi." you say.

"Blood! Chaos! I have just bought you more time on this earth. Noi, you look like a mighty warrior. Join me and together we can satiate the one true god and postpone fate!"