Shoot her in the face for threatening us.
and fly!

You fly up in the air and take aim.

You and the crossbow woman fire at the same time. You are hit in the upper arm while she is hit in the collarbone.

Edi collides with the human lasher who tumbles backwards.

Kudo tries to get in close to join the fight but can't get past the pikeman's long reach.

Keep firing at the Crossbow woman. She's the biggest threat.

You fire at the crossbow woman. The flying bronze bolt strikes the crossbow woman in the lower body, tearing the guts! The crossbow woman looks sick and vomits.

Edi scrambles away from the lasher and barely avoids the silver whip.

The crossbow woman fires a bolt your way but misses.

You fire at the crossbow woman again. The flying bronze bolt strikes the crossbow woman in the upper body, tearing the heart!

Edi flies over to you. The lasher is approaching Kudo.

As the others are saying, have Edi go grab that crossbow. While he does that, focus fire on the... hm. On the lasher, let's say. Whips are overpowered.

Edi swoops down to grab the crossbow but is stabed by the pikeman. Edi is having trouble breathing!

Kudo sees an opening and rushes in to deliver a stab to the pikeman's throat.

Edi is able to ready the iron crossbow despite his injury.

You both fire at the lasher.

The lasher lashes Kudo in the lower arm with his silver whip, tearing through the bronze mail shirt!

You and Edi continue to pincushion the lasher but he remains standing.

The lasher lashes at kudo with his silver whip but the attack is blocked by the bronze shield!

You fire at the lasher striking him in the head. The bronze bolt has lodged firmly in the wound!