Try to make one of these:
This is a dingo bone figurine of The Future, an image commissioned by Noi Dontwan Tacracker the kea woman upon her ascension to the position of expedition leader in Birb Wilds. The image depicts Noi Dontwan Tacracker the kea woman and dingoes. All craftskeaship is of the highest quality. Noi Dontwan Tacracker the kea woman is sitting on a throne. The throne is surrounded by a heap of shinies. The dingoes are wearing leashes. The dingoes are guarding Noi Dontwan Tacracker and obeying her every command.

You are now a competent bone carver.

You overhear Kudo and Edi arguing. Edi says, "I can't believe you lost the feather Noi gave you!" He coughs as he catches his breath.

Kudo replies, "I- I guess it got misplaced in the fray with the dingos. Can I- can I have one of your feathers? Maybe she won't notice."

Edi yells, "I'm not gay! Gaaah! Hey Noi! What's the plan here? We have no supplies, no connections to any merchants. We need a supply of booze!"

Before you can reply, something swoops in and steals your meat.

Holy shit you guys it's a vulture man.

Ask it nicely if it wants to join our party. We could always use more bird people.

"Hey! Hey you!" you shout as you fly after the vulture man. "Wait up!"

He flies to the top of a rock formation where there are more vulture folk brandishing wooden weapons.

The vulture man with the dingo fur says, "You go! You go! Meat ours. Land ours. You warned."

After we declare our FRIENDSHIP!!, seal the deal by offering to join their tribe with our group. Or the other way 'round, whatever.

Just imagine: "Noi Dontwan Tacracker created the position of Lord. Noi Dontwan Tacracker became Lady in Birb Wilds after a polite discussion with rivals."


OH. Do the poofy bird dance! All birds have a poofy fluffy territorial dominance dance. These are vultures they have like half the feathers of every other normal bird they should lose by default, unless they are some kind of improv group.

Basically do this and be like I am your Lord Lady now by merit of poof.

+1 is what I'm saying here.

The elder vulture begins to play a pair of dôbárs.

You are now best friends!