You, Kudo, and Edi spend the day meeting the members of The Gullies of Bone, the vulture man trine. Gicast Bowkindled, the shamen of the tribe, cleans and bandages Kudo and Edi's wounds.

You are summoned to a cave as the sun sets to undergo a ceremony inducting you into the tribe.

Gicast chants in an unusual language as he grinds teal berries with a pestle.

Gicast hands each of you a bowl.

Gicast says, "Dis eye open juice. Drink and enter sacred plane. Drink fast and no be scared."

Do we have a bucket nearby? Vomiting (and... Its rear end equivalent) are common side effects of this kind of ritual. :P

"Will I throw up if I drink this?" you ask.

"Vomit good. Get rid of bad so enter plane good" Gicast replies.

There are no buckets in the cave.

Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug!
Chug! Chug! Chug! (+1)

Plus who knows how this tribe will react to their offer being refused? For all we know it's a choice between a little sickness and public execution. For me at least, the decision is obvious.


Drink in a single chug no matter what
Yes, let’s drink it all in one go

+1 to this

"Cheers." Edi says and you chug your juice in unison. It tastes sweet and slightly metalic.

Several minutes go by in scilence. "That's weird." You say. "I don't feel anything."

"Neither do I." Edi says.

Just... chill? Enjoy our trip, try not to offend our vulture buddies (ie, don't make small talk in the middle of what is probably an important ceremony), and just, be a birb, I guess.
Unintended touching in 3 .. 2...

You say, "Ha ha, Kudo, I'm a birb. hehehehe"

"Your eyes are so beautiful right now Kudo..."

You get lost in Kudo's eyes.

"Kudo? ... Edi? ..."