Now that you have dealt with the dog you ave to decide your next hiding spot. You could go down the ramp or down one of the tunnels.

The threshold of the tunnels have more dwarven runes on them.

The left tunnel reads: Σπ~~π√<.

The forward tunnel reads: Ω=α+○Θ α◇○αα○¶<.

The right passage way is bricked off and reads Θ○Δ#√α! Θ= Δ=Φ √ΔΦ√α.


Which direction should you go?

Down the ramp
- 2
Left Tunnel
- 8
Forward Tunnel
- 5
Just wander around aimlessly
- 3

Total Members Voted: 18

It is Monday, my dudes. *INCOHERENT SCREECHING*
You get overwhelmed by the competing voices in your head.
Don't forget to dodgeroll past the dog! (No matter what state it is in.) Gotta get those dodging/evading/rolling skills up!

You compose yourself and make a beeline for the tunnel to your left. You throw in a dodgeroll for extra stealth.

Made it. It looks like there is an upward staircase at the end of this tunnel.

Stealthily head down the tunnel. No need to hurry at this time. If any Dwarves are encountered, keep sneaking. If they spot you, tell them that you are a Dwarf. Simple as that.

You sneak to the end of the tunnel to find a dwarf at the bottom of the staircase. You are about to tell her that you are a dwarf but remember that your vocal chords can only produce the growls and hisses required for Kobold language...

PLAN B! PLAN B! That means puppy eyes! Sad expression! Basically make yourself look as cute as possible! (It works for cats and dogs.)
Why not pretend to be a doggo?
Does Kobold training include forgoing your dignity?
worf worf


abort worf
There's only one option left
We must dodgeroll

+1, also we should hide in another tunnel.
Slit her ankles and when she falls down, BOIL HER IN BOILING FAT!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAAHAHAH I mean, EAT HER EYES slit her throat and loot her body (don't forget to carve rude gestures into her face)
Don't run. Throw kobold-tech 3000 copper addition through dwarf's skull.

I did some !science! about dwarven inscriptions under the spoiler.
A minute of criptography:
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

"Another fucking kobold corpse I have to haul to the magma pit. For Litast's sake!", the dwarf shouts.

Everything will be okay if you remember to dodgeroll. Right?


The grizzly bear man says, "Where are you going tiny skulking man?" He speaks with a thick Future Spikes accent.

The dwarf makes no attempt at stopping you from getting sick dodgerolling XP.

Kneel and swear fealty to the bear person in the hopes of becoming a KOBOLD RECRUIT.

You kneel as far in the corner as you can.

The grizzly bear man says, "I was not so different from Kobold when I was cub." He looks you in the eyes. "Drop de dagger and my comrade Doren weel not keel you."

Doren rolls her eyes.

Drop the dagger. Dying is not a preferred outcome.
Of course, if it looks like he will stick to the letter and not to the spirit, dodgeroll the heck out.

Best to drop everything in our loincloth. The dagger, throwing axes, greatsword, mining pick, anvil, forklift, florida, The Beatles, a saxaphone, the colour of a white cloud in the depth of midnight, the original draft of Starry Starry Night...
Press [ I ]

This dagger is all you have left besides some trinkets you keep in your -llama leather bag-.

Who are you kidding? Even this dagger doesn't belong to you because you stole it when you flunked out of Kobold Academy.

Maybe you are a stupid monster like they say. Maybe you deserve what ever the dwarves are going to do to you.

You put down the dagger.

"See Doren. He may be useful for our cause."

Doren says, "I'm serious GBM, if Solon finds out about this we are dead. How does this STUPID KOBOLD even fit into our plans?"

Grizzly Bear Man says, "I hef a few ideas but we weel hef to descuss it with the others. What is your name little one?"

Introduce yourself as Craig Naarhwegkhth (you dont want GBM to know your true name. and you want GBM to brake his jaw while pronouncing it) Of course, we have a name. It's Grawr Kokobokleebis. I just not sure we can pronounce it.
Craig!? No way. It's Cragtooth. Audibly quarrel with the conflicting voices in your head.
Prove your worth by gnawing on the stair and pulling at your ears while gargling; the surest sign of kobold brilliance.

Doren says, "I guess his name is Craig?"

GBM says, "Craig, please pull yourself together and go upstairs to garden to meet others."