I vote that we upgrade our casual worshiper status to "Literally met God".

You are now a literally met god worshiper of Asa Rumorbristle the Stern Silver and a casual worshiper of Caspa.

Why have you brought me here?
Do the vulture people worship you too?
Also ask about Caspa, goddess of weather.

You ask Asa, "Why are we here? I thought that juice was supposed to take us to the vulture men's sacred plane. Do the vulture men worship you too? Will I be able to meet Caspa?"

Asa replies, "It's a quite bit more complicated than that. The vulture men see the pantheons of other religions as aspects of their own gods. What the vulture men call the sacred plane is more of a record of the legends that resides inside us all. Normally, it can only be viewed after death. Yes, Caspa and the others will show up soon. However, you won't be able to interact with them or anything else you see since you are only an observer here."

You ask, "So why are you showing all of this to a random bird person like me?"

Asa replies, "Your soul is one of the few that shines with the power of friendship. A gift the world needs as this era of peace comes to an end. The world lies on a knife's edge with pain and suffering on either side. The chaos you see before you is the natural state of your world as We found it. The world would slide back into chaos if not for adventurers like you."

A teal colored star begins to streak across the sky.

Fly towards the star

You fly toward the shiny star. As you grow near it explodes, bathing the realm in azure light. The sky is filled by a massive golden dwarf surrounded by hundreds of smaller golden beings. Many are humanoids flying on griffons or dragons. Others take the form of birds or mammals.

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recoil from the light.
Fly up to the golden beings and observe them. Wave at them to see if they can actually see you, even if we don't expect them to be able to.

You get closer and observe the deities. Their clothes, armor, and weapons are made of materials with properties relating to their sphere of influence. Each deity has a golden symbol hovering over their head. You find Asa by her symbol, ☼, the same symbol used to denote dwarfbucks.

You wave at her but she passes by without noticing you.

The glowing orb Asa catches up with you. "That is me from the past, silly. She can't see you."

See if the big golden dwarf can hear us. If he is who I think he is, I wouldn't bet against it.
You and Asa fly up to the giant dwarf. You shout, "Hey! I'm Noi! What's your name?!"

The dwarf does not acknowledge you. "Even He can't hear you Noi. He's the Adamantine Emporer, the leader of our pantheon, but this is just a record. Now, watch what happens next."

The dwarf raises his hand.

Cyan meteorites start to rain down from the sky. The meteors thin the crowds of
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The deities beat back the ones that still stand. A dwarf rides a golden anvil high into the sky. He pours a bucket of lava over the side.

The lava spreads and spreads until it fills the sky.

Sudently, everything stops.

"Yada yada yada." Asa says. "You get the idea. We covered over the chaos and rebuilt the region with mountains and forests and oceans, dwarves and elves and humans. Now we can fast forward a bit, but first, do you have any questions?"