The top of the ladder is an open hatch disguised as a coffin. You find yourself in the chill air of Cityshank's catacombs. "Come on up!" you shout. " I know where we are!" Clara and Mathias join you at the top of the ladder. John refuses to climb. "uh- uh-" he blabbers and hugs his tiger.

"There is no easy way to get the tiger up the ladder." Mathias states. "It would be strategic for us to leave John here to protect the tiger. One can periodically possess him to check in on him."

You guide Mathias and Clara out of the catacombs to the bottom of the ramp case.

You don't see any dwarves but you hear muffled cheers from the direction of the colosseum.

If King LazyDwarfButt is in sitting on his golden toilet seat on the balcony, we are now more than powerful enough to drown him in all the stuff in the arena. We should do that, to facilitate the resistance movement's takeover.
"We should kill the king and support the resistance! I know he will be in his thrown but I don't know how to get over there."

Mathias says, "As long as one is close enough to see the target, one's options are many." He waves his hand and a strip of his armor peals off forming a circular band which levitates in the air. "Drop this over his neck and contract it to cut off his carotid artery. Death will come quickly and silently."

You take the murder band and guide the party into the colosseum.

You cheer when you see the goblin is still alive, for now. Wait, the battleground looks the same as it did over a month ago, and, there's your dead body..
The cave dragon's wound explode. It rears back and dies. The crowd roars!
Consider: we now bear power fit to tear this fortress apart. What do we want? Tributescar? The victory of the resistance? The death of the king?
If we get this fortress under our control, we might eventually take over this part of the continent. No, the world. Think of the possibilities.


Do you want to become king?

- 8
- 10

Total Members Voted: 18

Maybe killing the king isn't the best option. Would you take the thrown for yourself? A kobold ruling the dwarves with the power of blood? No! You are a champion of friendship!
We should dodge roll into the arena and make a huge dramatic return in front of the populace, proclaim ourselves as some kind of incredible resurrected demigod figure returned from death via the power of the gods, and then denounce the corrupt, unworthy king in favor of the chosen resistance. Be sure to use our incredible gift at speech giving!
You modify your toga to be more practical. You repurpose the murder band as a belt! Okay! Here goes. "Heeeeyugh" The crowd collectively gasps, then murmurs. There are shouts, screams even, as some realize who you are.
"Oh great king of the Dwarves, law-giver of the Stone and He of the Mighty Beard, I have traveled across time and space and transcended the boundaries of Life and Death to stand humbly before you as a herald of peace between our people. Your glory and wisdom, and the beauty of your kingdom, have reached the ears of my kind, whose meager caves cannot compare to your great halls. It is my wish to bring the might of your kingdom to even greater glory, and see the legacy of its beauty stand in the far and distant future!" "It was I who vanquished the great Dusak in this very arena. Yes, I died, but I have returned, and with more than just the abilty to speak. My allies include a fierce and powerful warrior, slayer of countless foes, a goddess from the stars with knowledge and wisdom beyond mortal ken, and a servant whose loyalty has never faltered. We offer our services in exchange for the dagger Tributescar, and the freedom of the goblin, who should be seen as a champion and not as a slave."

You turn to the audience, "Now, everyone, sing with me! F is for-"

The king interrupts you. "You can have the dagger!II've never heard of it. It's probably another trinket created by an insane child that has been collecting dust in our vault for eons!" "As for the goblin, only one of you will leave this arena alive!" All of the copper walls slam shut.

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