Form a blood elevator
You admit, "A blood elevator would be waaaay cooler though."

Ili laughs and says, "What?"

"I have blood magic now! I can move it around, and, and, I can fight with it and my friend Mathias can do it to, and he's from, like, this huge place filled with blood, and-"

"Woh there." Ili says, "We'll have plenty of time to talk about this after we get out of here." "You're right." You say. "Okay, watch this!" The crowd is filled with tumult as you shape the cave dragon blood into pullies and other elevator components.

The King shouts, "Sorcerer! Someone, stop him! Kill him!"

He turns to run. "Uh oh." "All finished!"

"YOU IDIOT. WE ALREADY HAVE A ROPE", Aweme shouts down at you. Ili looks at you and says, "Grawr, you're amazing."
up we go! As before, watch out for marksdwarves.
+1, but I reiterate that beatboxing some elevator music is a looping important component of our escape.
You conjure yourself some equipment from leftover cave dragon blood.

The blood-boombox begins to come to life with the sound of an instrumental track while you ride the elevator.

You put your mouth to the blood-mic and mimic the sound of a brumubus.

Boom boom Baaap bo bo bom bom Bap Boom boom Baaap bo bo bom bom Bap

This goes on for some time. Ili begins to freestyle to your beat."

"My rap's so sick they call me ill-y. Hit Z... I'm legendary.

Hoes cling to me like i'm Cacame The OG... of all o' hist-ry.

In time before time. I attacked me. Awh yeah. Bitches and money."

You echo that for her, "Bitches and money."

Her: "Biches and money" You: "Bitches and money!"

This goes back and forth until Ili thinks it's the appropriate amount bitches and moneys.

She lets the instrumental track play for a bit. She continues.

"Get this straight. I'm not alone. See, My kobold died and saw the blood sea. He came back... with hemomancy Now It's his turn. DOWN WITH THE MONARCHY!"

You struggle to come up with lyrics. The only thing that comes to mind is a pun about military elves saying yo.

Ili says with a bit of frustration, "Ugh, come on. You got this."

After a moment she starts rapping again.

"Hold up! Hold up! Don't tell me you got cold feet. Did you fear The Glyph when you felt it's heat?

There's more to life than fun, more to death than blood, and more corners of the shape than one.


Your problem is naivete. Think this'a game? Stop plucking the strings and play! You should be to words like shepherd is to herd. Spittin' gold like no one's ever heard." (heard) (heard) (heard)